Rolex Sunday calendar 60 anniversary of the green plate watch

Commemorative rolex replica or limited edition of this word for replica watches uk is really strange, so when you see the 60th anniversary of the words when really let Xiaobian curious for five minutes. Of course, this watch is not a limited number of rolex replica , so do not think of it as an investment collection of timepieces. For this week's calendar series of sixty years of commemoration, Rolex is all the iconic elements of all brands are pulled out again: the Roman numerals time scale, groove groove, the President chain, gold case and the most pull the wind , Set off the whole watch temperament are not the same as the dark green disk. Green can be said to be a landmark Rolex color. In the new Rolex series of 60 series of 60 watches, dark green dial and the eternal rose gold or platinum material case seamless cooperation seamless. Pointer, dial text, 12 o'clock crown logo and time scales and all are all rose gold or platinum material to create, and the color of the dial to form a sharp contrast. Speaking of the time scale, Rolex chose to use a new form to show - a very sculptural Roman numerals, multi-faceted structure looks full of texture. Other aspects of the new Rolex series of 60 series of 60 watches with 15 years Basel watches released exactly the same watch. 40mm case size looks more slim and elegant, follow the traditional, bezel naturally also for the groove design, the perfect match looks more sense of excellence. "President" section of the chain, that is, three semi-circular watch alternately using polished and matte process. New style bracelet integrated into the case, and the ceramic material to join them, so that flexibility and durability are greatly increased. Watches inside the brand is equipped with a new movement - Cal.3255, which has a number of changes. 3255 will consume less energy (thanks to the new Chronergy escapement) will also store more power reserve in the barrel (bigger than the previous one), the result is brought 70 hours of power reserve. At the same time the movement is also equipped with a Parachrom gossamer with a variable inertia pendulum Tuo, to ensure the precise operation of the watch at the same time will not be any magnetic field interference. The new Rolex Sunday calendar 60 anniversary watch watch show outside the Hui, it is not put it down. Unique dark green disk is no doubt very compelling, compared to the green ghosts of the full of sorrow, this watch gives more is a gentle style. Although not limited edition, but "Rolex" with "commemorative" these words, presumably will make a lot of people inventory +1. It has two styles to choose from, one for the eternal rose gold material (ref.228235), the other is platinum material (ref.228239), the price is 34400 euros.