Rolex Sunday calendar 60 anniversary of the green plate watch

We should have the famous rolex replica Sunday calendar (Day-Date) replica watches uk has heard, not only because it is the replica watches brand's most iconic and also the most prestigious watch series, not only because it has existed for decades For a long time, not only because of its luxurious appearance like a sculpture, not only because of its clear readability and the excellent quality of the thousands of calendar calendars, but also because it is a president, leader, and all walks of life Of the elites recognized by the perfect timepiece, it can be said that never a watch so highly respected. At the time of the 60th anniversary of the series, in order to commemorate this glory moment, Rolex launched a new week calendar 60 anniversary of the green disk watch, models ref.228235 and ref.228239. "Rolex Sunday calendar watch has become a 'president of the watch', because Kennedy, Johnson, Ford, Reagan, Nixon and Roosevelt and others have been wearing this classic" A brief history of Rolex DD Excellence model - Rolex Sunday calendar 60 anniversary of the green plate watch In 1945, Rolex launched the Datejust series, made a key innovation: the calendar display window at 3 o'clock, the date printed on a beating disk, which is called the fast-tune calendar mechanism. It may seem that it is quite simple now that it is a feature that most of the watches have, but at that time it was no less than a milestone. This form once the launch of a great success, has been the favor of countless people. 11 years later, in 1956, Rolex added a new and complex function for it - the week show, through a 12-point arc window display (has been in use today). Rolex named it the Day-Date, which is even more luxurious than the Datejust series, with almost a precious metal material, which also gives it an unexpected halo, and an interesting Nickname: President's watch. This is mainly because of President Eisenhower named. The top five chiefs of the Army + the 34th president of the United States is undoubtedly a super heavyweight brand ambassador for Rolex, because it was reported that Rolex has donated the first fifty thousand watch the famous American general, Later, he became the president of the United States. Of course there are some news that it is just a Datejust watch, not DD, and there are a small number of photos also show so, but anyway, the following are wearing a few DD watch, which did not get black: Kennedy , Johnson, Ford, Reagan, Nixon and Roosevelt. So, the legend of the DD was born. The first Rolex calendar calendar model ref. 6511, a now with all the features of the DD watch watch, such as the three-point calendar window, 12-bit window window and groove bezel. The life of this watch is very short, a year later by the model for the ref.6611 new form replaced, and it is also equipped with a new movement, Cal.1055 (xx55 has always been a Rolex DD series of movement named the way). The next evolution is in 1959, Rolex launched the model for the 1803 watch, which uses the Cal.1555 movement, the design has also made some changes, compared with other Rolex watches, dial, pointer As well as the time scale and other obvious to be a lot of simple and capable. Excellence model - Rolex Sunday calendar 60 anniversary of the green plate watch In 1977, the Rolex DD series ushered in an important update, the new ref.18xxx watch also introduced a fast calendar mechanism, replacing the manual rotation of the crown of the old stupid way. To the late eighties, DD series ushered in their most famous movement - Cal.3155 (still used in 36mm style), which is equipped with "double calendar fast adjustment mechanism." Then, in 2008, the brand in order to meet the trend of large-size watch, in the 36mm style after the introduction of the 41mm size of the week calendar type II watch, this watch in 2015 by a better version of the alternative - 40mm style, its shape is more slim and elegant, while carrying the brand of innovative movement Cal.3255.