In 1816 the 84th Lehman 24 hours of rolex replica endurance race, replica watches countdown clock clock on June 20 at the Sartre track stop timing, for swiss replica watches this passionate weekend to draw a period, by the Porsche 919 Hybrid back to the second seat March championship trophy. After 24 hours of hard work, after the dramatic reversal of the last lap, finally by the team composed of Romain Dumas, Neel Jani and Marc Lieb, won two consecutive victories of Porsche in Lehman. The Limon 24 Hours are recognized as one of the toughest racing races in the world, and this year's tournament is a testament to the unspecified truth in the endurance race. Liman 24 hours endurance race as the name suggests, the team must go through 24 hours of hard work, can stand out. Match the game Extreme climatic conditions mean that this historic game will be driven by the frontcourt. Fifty-three minutes later, the race began, and when the climate grew dry, the war between the LMP1 group, the Porsche and the Toyota team was the first to be achieved by Toyota. The whole event combined with the road and track, the total length of more than 5000 km away, in the test of the speed of the car and the driver and the reliability of the limit. And their performance on the track, that is, Rolex reflects the importance of precision and the tireless pursuit of perfection. Night falls, all the troops to work forward sprint When the night falls on the Sartre track, whether it is No. 1 Porsche 919 Hybrid or 7 Audi R18 team, have had to stop for a long time maintenance, so that they fall out of the ranks of the LMP1 competition for victory. At the same time, Ferrari 488 GTE, driven by Giancarlo Fisichella, leads the Ford GTs in the GTE PRO group, while Corvettes is still struggling forward in 2015. 2016 Lima Rally The No. 2 Porsche 919 Hybrid, driven by Neel Jani, won the throne Dawn dawn, the drivers are burdened with great pressure to continue to fight, in order to the highest level of performance. Most of the time in the morning, the two Toyota had been dominated until the race entered the last quarter, and finally by Neel Jani driving the No. 2 Porsche 919 Hybrid will be separated. In the remaining four and a half hours of the race, by the Joey Hand driving the No. 68 Ford GT car, and finally beyond the 82 Ferrari 488 GTE, until the box chess to lift the game, always keep the lead, to reproduce the history of Lima One of the most classic matches between Ferrari and Ford - 50 years ago Ford had made the first, second and third of the podiums a spectacular scene for their own people. Look forward to a pleasant surprise When the Rolex clock went into the last few minutes, the Toyota TS050 Hybrid, driven by Kazuki Nakajima, seemed almost victorious, but the result was not that. On the penultimate lap, Nakajima's flooded Toyota suddenly slowed down, no matter where the 263,500 people and the TV watchers watched the live track were still stunned. When the Toyota TS050 Hybrid close to the finish line, ready to complete the last lap, even a brief stop, making the No. 2 Porsche 919 Hybrid smoothly beyond, and then win. This sudden accident, once again proved that Lehman 24 Hours is an ultimate endurance race, from the beginning to the end must have a perfect performance. And in the LMP2 group, the final victory of the 36th Alpine A460-Nissan, driven by Nicolas Lapierre, Stéphane Richelmi and Gustavo Menezes. The PRO AM group won the Ferrari 458 Italia GTE by Townsend Bell, Jeffrey Segal and William Sweedler. 24 Hours Le Mans Lee Man Rally Trophy and Prizes - Rolex Daytona watch one Ultimate racing driver's watch As Lehman's 24-hour official time, Rolex is proud to offer the watch as the ultimate racing driver, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona ). Porsche driver Neel Jani, the 2016 Lehman 24 hour endurance champion, said: "I can not use words to describe the Lyman 24-hour endurance race to win the championship feeling.We ran a very exciting game, I have a lot of mistakes, and the performance of the car to the limit.I mind my mind only think "and then hurry up, then hurry!" This victory is very special for me, I am pleased to win the Rolex Dayton watch, I will always bring it around. As Lehman's 24-hour official time, Rolex is proud to offer the watch as the ultimate racing driver, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona ). Rolex and racing The close connection between Rolex and motor racing dates back to the 1930s Malcolm. Sir Malcolm Campbell broke the land speed world record when he was driving the Bluebird, wearing a Rolex watch, a record speed of more than 300 miles (about 485 km per hour) speed record. Since then, Rolex's figure has become more and more often in the racing field, sponsoring many famous endurance races, such as the success of the title of the Rolex Daytona 24 race (Rolex 24 at Daytona) and this year's event (24 Hours of Le Mans); and both elegant, beautiful and traditional representative of the classic car activities, such as the United States Pebble Beach (Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance), Rolex Monterey master Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, Goodwood Revival, or the Formula 1®, as well as the recent WEC World Endurance Championship, etc. The